The Good Kind Of Pain

There are 2 kinds of pain: discipline and regret. You have the option to choose.

Have you ever found yourself towards the end of the day planning out your next day with nothing but great intentions? “Tomorrow I will wake up early and head to the gym. I will eat clean and stick to the plan….” but then tomorrow comes and what happens? You give yourself a pass, formulating excuse after excuse and follow it up with “I’ll try again tomorrow”.

The problem is that you are making a painful decision when you CHOOSE not to follow through with the plans you made with yourself. Yes, it hurts to get up early and to say no to the “not-so-healthy” food choices, but it also hurts when you CHOOSE to live with the pain of regret.

Have you ever made the choice to wake up and get to the gym and then regretted it once you were finished? I didn’t think so.